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Application of Humic Acid in Agriculture

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The application of humic acid has been widely recognized in agriculture. Main functions of humic acid include: enhancing fertilizer efficiency, soil improvement, quality improvement, regulating plant growth, enhancing the resistance of crops and so on. The main product types contain humic acid soil improvement category, humic acid fertilizers, humic acid pesticides, humic acid seedlings, etc..
Humic acid itself is a good soil conditioner. Historically, humic acid has played an important role in saline soil transformation, desertification control and other fields. In recent years, liquid degradable mulch developed further with humic acid, integrated seedling nutrient medium, humic acid decomposition agent and a number of other new technical products have been promoted comprehensively.
Humic acid fertilizers include organic-inorganic compound fertilizer, organic fertilizer, compound fertilizer and other solid fertilizer, foliar fertilizer, water flush fertilizer and other liquid fertilizers, humic acid bio-fertilizer, humic acid coated fertilizer and so forth, having formed a fertilizer system that quick-acting and long-acting fertilizers develop simultaneously, solid and liquid fertilizer coexist, general and special fertilizers appear together, high-concentration and low concentration fertilizers match up with each other and organic and inorganic fertilizers coordinate with each other.
Humic acid pesticides are a new green eco-friendly pesticide and mainly include growth regulators, adverse resistance agents, bactericides, and effect-enhancing and toxicity-reducing products compounded with pesticides or herbicides.
Humic acid products processing seedlings include coating agents, seed soaking agents, nutrition pots, nutrient solutions, rooting powder, transplanting elements, etc.
Because of the physiological activity of humic acid, humic acid series substances have been widely applied in feed additives, veterinary drugs and aquaculture.

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