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Biological advantages of humic acid

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Biologically speaking, humic acid can stimulate the activity of biology and micro-organisms.
(1) To stimulate plant enzymes and increase production
(2) Can be used as an organic catalyst in the process of crop growth
(3) To stimulate the reproduction and growth of beneficial micro organisms in the soil
(4) To improve the ability of crops to resist plant diseases and insect pests
(5) To stimulate the development of roots, especially the direct absorption of nutrients
(6) To promote root respiration and root growth
(7) To promote the formation of chlorophyll, and the formation of sugars and ammonium group in the plant, thus helping to conduct photosynthesis
(8) To increase content of minerals and vitamins in the plant
(9) To thicken the cell wall and extend the storage time of fruits
(10) To promote seed germination
(11) To make the root system develop rapidly by accelerating cell division, thereby stimulating the growth of plants
(12) To increase crop yields, improve quality at the same time and improve their physical appearance and nutritional value.

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